Introducing Evelyn McAleer

Evelyn McAleer

Relationship Coach and Author

Evelyn McAleer is a certified relationship coach, and a Louise Hay ‘Heal your Life’ coach. She is the published author of the books ‘A Life You Want’ and ‘Effortless’ available through Amazon.

As well as being a public speaker, Evelyn is also a dance instructor teaching Jive and Zumba and a mother of three children.

Evelyn’s journey through dance allowed her to excel in communication and ignite a flame in people.

“Everything in life is a relationship the most important being the relationship we have with ourselves. We are constantly attracting events, people & situations into our lives”

Evelyn believes that in order for us to attract the most loving, joyful and fulfilling people and experiences into our lives, we must firstly be that person ourselves.

Evelyn helps many people. She has taught many people to dance and changed lives through her books & her one-to-one and online coaching, instilling confidence and self-esteem and helping them to create the life they thought unimaginable. One such person who benefited from Evelyn’s teachings was Mark, a successfully matched client of Soirée Society, whose story is featured in Chapter One of Evelyn’s second book ‘Effortless’.

About 'Effortless'

Effortless is an inspiring ‘how to’ guide including profound examples of how to be a powerful creator in this world by simply being you. Though counterintuitive to many, the struggle to find one’s authentic path often concludes with a realisation of effortlessly moving toward wholeness and peace. In this book, Evelyn guides each reader to honour their intuition and move effortlessly toward their true self.

Does this resonate with you? Are you looking for more? For more information and to purchase ‘Effortless’ click here.
About 'A Life You Want'

Evelyn's first book explains how to create the life you want. With a mixture of humour and specific examples from her own and other people's lives, she gets the message across that what we want is already out there in the One Great Universal Energy we call God, just waiting to be delivered to us. BUT! We have to draw it to ourselves; we have to attract it to ourselves by putting out the right thoughts and feelings. That's the secret! And when you understand the secret, you have cracked the code of drawing abundance, joy, peace and happiness into your life. Remember, be patient, take inspired action and do what makes your heart sing!

For more information and to purchase ‘A Life You Want’ click here.

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