Introducing June Burgess

June Burgess

Life Coach (ICF), business woman and TEDx Speaker

June has been helping people to build confidence, overcome obstacles and open up to new possibilities for over 10 years.

She is a successful business-woman and is best known for developing a car park into the 5* Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast and then running it for 6 years alongside a successful international equestrian career.

In both business and sport, she has always had a fascination with helping people to ‘let go’ of whatever is holding them back from achieving what they want and enjoying life. This can be anything from low self-esteem to stress to traumatic life events but regardless of the catalyst, the effect is always felt in a lowering of confidence and motivation and results in difficulties in relationships, both existing and new. Learning how to let go opens up all sorts of exciting opportunities.

Her practical and effective approach has developed from her many years relationships in stressful business environments and from managing her own mind as an international equestrian. She is a certified Life Coach and member of ICF. She offers coaching on a 1:1 basis in person at her home or on Skype. She is also a certified Equine Assisted Learning coach and offers programmes with horses to discover personal insights into your true character, natural behaviours and how you are perceived by others!

Everything comes down to building new and better relationships but it starts with the relationship you have with yourself!

To chat or to book a coaching session email and quote Soirée Society

Or check out her TEDx about Letting Go (after the ads) –

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