Introducing Paul

Paul Clarke

Relationship Advisor, Soirée Society NI

Soirée Society worked for Paul and now Paul works for Soirée Society!

Like most men, he felt that he should have been able to meet somebody on his own. In reality, he discovered it was not an easy task and it just didn’t happen.

Then he found Soirée Society and he was impressed by the company’s ethos, the client testimonials and the privacy and confidentiality that it offered.

Paul would be the first to admit that, for him, taking the first step was a very daunting prospect.

Having experienced the process for himself and having found the perfect companion to share his life with, he is the ideal person to talk to about our service.

Paul’s previous career has been in the hospitality industry where for over 35 years he has had first-hand experience and skills in successful business ownership, management, customer care and building relationships. 

He is approachable, down to earth and has a warm, caring, positive and encouraging personality. He has a genuine interest in people and in helping them bring about improvement in their lives.

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