The Reason Why…

The idea for Soirée Society was sparked by a conversation in 2014 with a 35 year old professional lady who explained how difficult it was in N. Ireland to meet a guy who was interested in more than a one night stand and who would share her longer-term objective of a genuine, loving relationship that could lead to marriage and a family.

Getting started

We initially held singles events which allowed people to meet, mix and mingle. This helped us build a large database of singles in N.Ireland.

Our Matchmaking service was then launched in April 2015 following feedback from a number of gentlemen. They explained they felt uncomfortable attending singles events and were disillusioned with online dating results and they sought a more discreet professional alternative. As women tend to be much more open about relationships we find that women encourage other women to join our matchmaking service with the result that men tend to get matched very quickly and we need to replace them! Whoever said ‘It’s a man’s world’ is right! 

Fast forward a few years and we have many couples in long term relationships, 7 engagements, 4 weddings (one has been postponed due to Covid-19, and our first Soirée Society baby is due in June 2020!

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